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Ready to empower your sales team to consistently hit Key Performance Indicators while finding success and satisfaction in their role?

I specialize in working with startups and large organizations to create customized Sales Training & Enablement programs to empower their sales team to develop and build the skills they need to be successful in their role.

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Sound familiar?

  • Underperforming sales team that falls short of targeted goals and quota

  • No training plan or strategy in place to help your sales team continuously master their skills

  • No internal dedicated Sales Enablement team with the expertise to design and develop effective sales training programs

  • You have a Sales Enablement team but they lack the bandwidth or expertise to create strategic sales training programs

  • Inconsistent or one-off training without a high level, cohesive plan of integration and adoption

  • Inconsistent sales practices and processes causing confusion and lack of consistent customer experiences and results

  • Stressed and overwhelmed Sales Managers who are tasked with providing the bulk of the training for their teams

Streamlined Sales Training Program

What impact would a fully functioning and streamlined sales training program designed to help your sales team successfully reach their KPIs have on your organization?

Imagine a training strategy and program in place that invests in building the skills, habits, and mindset of your sales team while providing managers with clear guidelines on how to support and coach their teams.

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If this sounds of interest, let's talk.

Hi I'm Elaina

I help build and optimize your Sales Enablement Program(s), customized to your business needs so your sales team is equipped with the knowledge, mindset, and skills they need to be successful.

Working together can take many forms, from building a customized program or course on a specific topic to designing a Sales Training Strategy to having me as an extension of your team to guide, build, and mentor the Sales Enablement function in your organization.

Client Work

Amazon Web Services

Created and managed Sales Training Strategy and Programs on Executive Selling, Prospecting, and Sales Methodology. Planned and implemented live sales training programs for customer facing roles.

Corpay - Fleetcor Technologies

Designed and built an end-to-end sales training strategy and program for all sales roles, implemented content and learning management platforms. Created sales onboarding program, monthly Sales Newsletter, Sales Coaching cohorts, yearly SKO program, quarterly sales contests. Managed and mentored sales training team.

Samsung & HP

Designed and developed B2B sales training path on sales skills and product knowledge from beginner to advanced. Helped manage the LMS platform and provide training reports for Sales Leaders.


Designed and developed end-to-end sales training program, Sales Playbook, Manager Coaching guides, learning platform evaluation and implementation. Implemented ongoing Sales Training Strategy and facilitated Sales Coaching cohorts to develop sales skills and provide opportunities to learn from peers.


Refined sales onboarding program. Designed and developed 3-6-9 month training programs for sales roles that mapped to their KPIs. SKO session content creation and delivery. Managed and mentored team to create and manage sales training programs and platforms.


Designed and developed Sales Enablement tools, resources, and training modules on the Google product suite. Coordinated and facilitated live sales skill building programs for sales representatives

Areas of Expertise:

  • Needs and gap analysis
  • Learning & Content Management platforms
  • Sales Training Strategy
  • Program Design & Development (Certification Programs, On-boarding, Curriculum or single courses)
  • Sales Skills Training - roleplays, peer learning, cohorts, application
  • Sales Mindset Coaching
  • Instructional Design, Neuroscience, & Learning Methodologies
  • Sales Playbooks
  • Sales Contests & Off-site Events
  • Podcast Creation
  • Training and Mentoring Sales Enablement Professionals
  • Training Evaluation and Metrics
  • Enablement Coaching and Advisory Services

About Elaina

Elaina Battistessa is passionate about helping sales teams consistently hit their KPIs while finding success and satisfaction in their role. Her expertise is in designing and delivering sales training programs that provide knowledge, practice, and coaching for sales mastery.

She has leveraged her 15 years of experience in Coaching, Sales Strategy, Leadership, and Sales Enablement Program Design for large tech companies like Google, eBay, HP, PayPal, and Amazon and designed a customized consulting service that helps organizations build or optimize their Sales Enablement Programs and Strategy.

Additionally, her 12 years of Mindset coaching experience lends to her ability to provide insights that help her effectively coach sales professionals on common obstacles they experience in their role.

When she’s not obsessing about building Sales Programs that transform the skills, mindset, and habits of salespeople, you can find her enjoying the outdoors, traveling, or spending time with her family.

Let's Connect

Still have questions? Want to learn more about how I can help you optimize your sales training? Please contact me below or book a free 30 minute strategy session.

Elaina Battistessa